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Certificate IV Occupational Health and Safety Testimonials

Roger Campbell
“Thoroughly enjoyed Dave’s approach to facilitating this course. Well done!”

Tenneille Trigwell, T.W/Woodside
“Good enthusiasm and humour throughout the 4 days. Handled the dynamics of the group well, considering the size (7 people) and learning styles”

Peter Frost
“Course was well run and enjoyable. Learnt a lot and gained much info. Was well presented”

Troy Bayer, SLC
“Really liked the scenarios where we had to work out for ourselves how to resolve problems within group”

“Course was far more interesting than I was expecting. Well done”

“Found the course very helpful and gained quite abit of knowledge. Very interesting & definitely learning new things every day. The experiences of other people also add to the knowledge gained”

“Overall I have found this module great”

“Good breaks and practical applications”

Bob Skidmore, KMAC – JV
“Dave conducted himself in a professional manner which included student participation – he also showed that he was genuinely interested in the subject he was teaching”

Shane Battilina, Rio Tinto
“Dave had an excellent understanding and knowledge of the OHS subject presented well with life experience for examples – Well Done”

Dave Rhoder, Rio Tinto
“I found Dave Wheeldon to be a very knowledgeable facilitator and an excellent subject matter expert. Facilities very good, and easy to utilise.”

Marie Dawson
“Being in a group really helped. Having other peoples views and experience shared was eye opening. Worth every moment”

Melissa Hardy
“It was good – I enjoyed it”

Silvana McGuiness
“I found the course well constructed, plenty of interaction and feel I have gained a better understanding and new ideas”

“Well presented course. Interesting. Enjoyed Project Canary as well as class interaction”

“Very satisfied with all trainers and the whole process was rewarding”

“I enjoyed the course and obtained good knowledge through research and experience from other members in class and the instructors knowledge. I found the process easy – AITP were most helpful, all questions were answered, mostly by way of existing documents as part of the information package. Prior experience and actual learning (by discussion and by ‘doing’) is far more useful than text book learning so this was an excellent way to gain my qualification.”

Leon Walton
“Dear Shelley
I have recently completed my Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety at AITP. At the start of the course I remember you telling the class that doing any course opens doors to a new career. As a new student, developing confidence about making a career change and believing the validity of these types of claims are hard to justify. However I want to confirm that what you said to my class is definitely true as I am currently employed as a Safety Advisor and I acheived this position within a month of completing my Certificate IV in OH&S. The course you offer is well structured, well organised and convenient in that the course can be spread over 3 months allowing flexibility for the students. The follow up and responses on any issues or questions has been exceptional

I just want to say thank you to you and your employees at AITP for helping me to achieve my goals. Since taking on this position I have been able to become part of a network with other safety advisors in the same industry (just as was suggested by you during the course). This allows the exchange of ideas and the ability to seek advice or help with any issues that may arise whilst learning your new role with confidence.”


Diploma of Occupational Health & Safety Testimonials

“Trainer very helpful & patient – encouraged class participation”

A Roberts – Fremantle Ports
“Good and interesting first block of days, gained new ideas”

Dani Tamati – DT Workforce
“Brilliant – thorough information given in a way you could easily understand”

Graham Massey – Woodside Energy
“Found this first part of the course very interesting especially compared to similar courses attended before”

“Enjoyed the course. Very friendly course – thanks”

“AITP staff were very professional and a pleasure to work with in completing my Certification request. I definitely will be recommending them to others I know. Thanks”

“I learn’t so much overall – very interesting and lots of new ideas gained. Now I just have to find the opportunities to implement the new ideas/information into my workplace! PS. It was good to have the author of the book (Tania) as the facilitator of Module 2.”


Other Course Testimonials

Anonymous – Skat course
“Really enjoyed todays course and recommend it to anyone. As usual Dave presented this course to the highest of standards. I’m sure everyone would agree that it has been a privelige to attend today”

Mick Booth – Train Small Groups
“Thanks. The course was laid out very well.”

Jason Parmenter – Train Small Groups
“Enjoyable course – a little bit hard to get into at first but got easier.”

Alison Cocker-Wilcox – Rio Tinto – Load Restraint Course
“Would highly recommend him to any person who undertakes training courses that he presents”

Anonymous – Dogging and Crane
“Good, well organised course. Very helpful in explaining in detail the math side – much appreciated”

Anonymous – Excavator
“Straight to the point; very good course”

Anonymous – Skid Steer
“Enjoyed the course and the instructor presentation. Well conducted and organised course. Thank you”

Anonymous – Forklift
“Course covered all relevant materials needed. Enjoyed the course. Excellent course – really enjoyed it”

Anonymous – EWP
“Good understandable course. Practical part was good – opportunity for more if required was given”

Anonymous – Forklift
“Good week of training, learnt a lot. I found the training to be helpful and did a great job in improving confidence. Very thorough and well explained manner in which course was delivered, very professional and friendly personality”

Summary of feedback – 5 persons, Foundations of Assessment course held at CSBP, Kwinana
“Well laid out; interesting. My knowledge is better and my understanding of how to assess has improved. I listened. It was well done. All in all a very interesting course, enjoyed it and also the lunch provided. I just hope I get to use the information given very soon. Thanks again. I have done a lot of inductions and training in the past 6 months. This was put across very well. Good time was had…..very good instructor. Well spoken, very clear, deep knowledge of subject.”

Summary of feedback – 6 persons, Supervisor Training, Genalysis Laboratory Services
“This was a great course. I want to make the changes that will help me and the company improve as well as my team. I have gained a lot from this training and I am sure to improve myself and my ways in dealing with people. Games such as the Triangles and more friendly games needed. Both instructors had a great understanding of what they talked about. Will recommend to other labs. Clear and understandable. Very, very good. I learnt so much. Thank you! Good stuff, hope to see you again! Very well presented sessions, very informative, lots of fun, learnt a lot.”